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CopyWerks offers an array of content-based services, that help you to better define your organization, business, or professional practice, as well as crafting stronger, clearer, and more persuasive messages for your products or services. We can provide the tools, the messages and the direction to grow your enterprise.

In addition, many of our clients come to us as start-ups or newly-formed enterprises, seeking guidance and direction in making their ideas bloom. Our consultation services are highly personalized and we work closely to get your business off the ground and in the air.

Business/Organization Descriptions

Explaining who you are and what you do can be one of the most challenging of all communicating tasks. CopyWerks brings years of marketing communications experience to this task, creating a message that is clear, concise and intriguing.

Mission/Vision Statements

Sometimes it takes an outsider’s view to really see where your organization/business is headed. It’s easy to stray off-course as the market begins to define your identity. CopyWorks will     develop a Mission/Statement that is more than a string of     platitudes and buzz words. We will provide a statement that is a chart plotter toward your shared objectives.

Post-Retirement/Third Age Businesses

Recent studies show that an increasing number of post-retirement and Third Age people are starting businesses and enterprises. Some are doing it to find greater fulfillment. Some want to re-purpose their experience or lifelong hobbies into a business.
Launching a new enterprise and hiring yourself for the first time is a daunting task. However, if you go into this task well-prepared, the angst and anxiety of the unknown can be minimized. Here are a few things that you can do to help you reduce the stress of converting from traditional employment to self-employment.
If you’re one of these new enterprisers, and located in the greater St. John’s County/Jacksonville areas, contact us.

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We offer an array of content-based services, that help you to better define

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Identity: Vision and Mission content development

Creating Informational Value

Web Optimized Content

Making The Most of Social Media

Sales Support Materials

Optimizing Print Materials

Milestone Anniversary Content and Organizational Histories

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Content Comes First

In today’s information-driven world, quality content is more important than ever. The ability to create and deploy interesting, timely and well-executed content is the difference between acceptable marketing tools and exceptional ones.

Creating high-impact content for business entails an array of elements. First there is INFORMATION VALUE. This means giving the reader information that is either new, interesting, educational or unique.

The second most important element is ENGAGED READING. This marries good writing skills with formatting and easy reading.

Breaking large content down into nuggets of information helps to engage the reader and leave a more lasting impact.

AUDIENCE RELEVANCE is another component that we strive to achieve by thinking like a prospect. We emphasize what they want to know, not just what our clients want to tell them. This methodology is present in all media applications, including:

  • websites
  • print media
  • blogs and social media posts
  • marketing decks and sales support materials
  • broadcast
  • media releases

Web-Optimized Content

Keyword-centric writing is, many experts say, on the way out. Google has shifted to a discovery engine which focuses not just on keywords but on well-written and information content that people will want to read. As the search engines get smarter, they are looking for stronger content, not just keywords.

This means that copy that is WELL WRITTEN AND INTERESTING will most likely make it big in the rankings, but they are crawling sources such as social media. We help our clients to post often and post well.

A FUSION STRATEGY is another way CopyWerks offers its clients a way to extend reach and increase online engagement by blending KEYWORD RICH COPY WITH INTERESTING AND AUDIENCE TARGETED CONTENT.

We craft content that:

  • engages the target audience
  • goes from important general points to drill down to specifics
  • dynamic, direct and concise
  • prefers to show or demonstrate value rather than just tell about it
  • is easy to “scan” for the desired information

Making The Most Of Social Media

With the increasing change of algorithms and AI-based social media platforms, it’s getting harder to “game” the systems by writing keyword-centric copy that is — to be honest— often not very engaging.

Here are some of the things we do at CopyWerks to make our social media as engaging as possible:

We Do Our Homework

Relevant content is the best way to connect and engage with a target audience. The more you understand the audience, it’s demographics and needs, the more success you will have.

Develop A Unique Voice

Your brand voice is the personality and style we create for our clients that gives them a recognizable presence online. It’s an essential ingredient in the storytelling process. conveyed in the language used by your ideal customers.

Craft Content That Reflects Your World

Content that is based around news or current affairs and can be tied into our client’s message is foremost. Topics of interest will draw readers in and make your message more memorable.

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Sales Support Materials

Sales Support materials are an essential tool for effective direct selling–– whether that be in-person or via remote electronics. At CopyWerks, we carefully curate key sales points, market research and craft this information into informative, high-impact sales aids.


Creating dynamic, attention-holding presentations is an artful enterprise at CopyWerks. We provide a comprehensive range of services to develop these, including:

  • research and investigate our client’s prospect base
  • selection of images to accompany the copy
  • organizing the order of the key presentation points
  • curating or creating audio/video to embed in the presentation

Marketing Decks

CopyWerks’ creative team blends words, pictures and recorded content into dramatic and impactful to PERSUADE prospects that a client’s product or service will make a difference. Media applications include:

  • PowerPoint or similar platforms
  • Printed Marketing/Presentation Decks
  • Digital Decks that contain embedded video/audio content and are viewed online as “flipbooks”

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Print Still Matters

If you think print materials are dead–– think again. Printed marketing materials have made a resurgence in recent years fueled, surprisingly, by the younger generations

Most businesses or organizations are investing in digital and forgetting about print. If marketers want to be unique in this competitive environment for consumers’ attention, they can think outside the box and develop print publications. Going “old school” can give them an edge.

Materials That Matter

CopyWerks provides a comprehensive platform of print material formats. Just as we do in creating meaningful content for websites or social media, CopyWerks composes print content that MATTERS TO THE AUDIENCE.

We also craft our content around the key issues of attention, interest, desire and action. Good content in print, as in other media, seeks to SHOWCASE OUR CLIENT’S VALUE, not just talk about it.

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Supporting Various Media Platforms


  • print materials
  • digital advertising
  • online materials
  • outdoor/billboard design
  • indoor/mobile display design


  • websites
  • social media


  • content and copy for TV/radio advertising


  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • sponsor program ads


  • trade/conference display content
  • historical/anniversary content
  • medical/technical/military displays


  • billboard copy and concept
  • indoor and mall display content
  • mobile billboard display content

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