Never Work A Day In Your Life: A Guide to Self Employment

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Never Work A Day In Your Life! is a concise and easy to read handbook that is an essential guide to anyone considering self employment or starting your own enterprise. The increase in the number of so-called 1099ers and independent contractors, along with the emergence of the GIG economy, have made hiring yourself one of the most significant trends in business. Never Work A Day In Your Life! is both instructional and motivational. Included are guides to the basic organization, marketing, branding, legal and financial steps to starting your own enterprise. The author also addresses both the HOW TO and the WHY TO aspects of striking out on your own, including: • The upsides/downsides of self employment. • Evaluating core skills that will translate into an enterprise of your making. • Choosing the kind of enterprise for you, such as independent contracting versus creating a business with employees. • Choosing a WORK STYLE that fits your LIFE STYLE. • Creating a blueprint for success. • Launching your enterprise. Enterpriser Examples The author has also included the stories of several enterprisers who recount their backstories and share their successes and failures with the reader.