Web-Optimized Content

web optimized content

Keyword-centric writing is, many experts say, on the way out. Google has shifted to a discovery engine which focuses not just on keywords but on well-written and information content that people will want to read. As the search engines get smarter, they are looking for stronger content, not just keywords.

This means that copy that is WELL WRITTEN AND INTERESTING will most likely makes it big in the rankings, but they are crawling sources such as social media. We help our clients to post often and post well.

A FUSION STRATEGY is another way CopyWerks offers its clients a way to extend reach and increase online engagement by blending KEYWORD RICH COPY WITH INTERESTING AND AUDIENCE TARGETED CONTENT.

We craft content that:

  • engages the target audience
  • goes from important general points to drill down to specifics
  • dynamic, direct and concise
  • prefers to show or demonstrate value rather than just tell about it
  • is easy to “scan” for the desired information