More Than Mere Words

more than mere words

CopyWerks offers an array of content-based services, that help you to better define your organization, business, or professional practice, as well as crafting stronger, clearer and more persuasive messages for your products or services.

Business/Organization Descriptions

Explaining who you are and what you do can be one of the most challenging of all communicating tasks. CopyWerks brings years of marketing communications experience to this task, creating a message that is clear, concise and intriguing.

Mission/Vision Statements

Sometimes it takes an outsider’s view to really see where your organization/business is headed. It’s easy to stray off-course as the market begins to define your identity. CopyWorks will     develop a Mission/Statement that is more than a string of     platitudes and buzz words. We will provide a statement that is a chart plotter toward your shared objectives.

Marketing/Communicating Strategies

More than mere copywriters, our extensive marketing experience will aid you in devising a a strategy that will bring the right message to the most receptive markets.