Everyone Has A Story

everyone has a story

Let us tell yours. We begin with a conversation.

We want to know you and your goals.

We work with what you have and help you get what you need.

Introducing CopyWerks: Restoring The Importance of Storytelling

Famous communicators from Walt Disney to John Lasseter of Pixar have said that the story is paramount in any media effort. Story is at the heart of advertising, marketing, media production, sales materials and even instructional materials.

Somewhere along the way, I think we have come to put the cart before the horse. Focusing on design or production or SEO to drive and propagate our messages.

Search engines and social media have proved us wrong. New algorithms online are seeking elements of story to drive search position or social media reach.

This very contemporary innovation has shed fresh light on an established rule of communicating: the quality of story to the overall media message is essential to successful message-making.

At CopyWerks, we view ourselves as storytellers, first and foremost. We seek to find the essence of a great story in every assignment for every client. We create high-impact, moving and persuasive content for an array of media:

  • web
  • social media
  • digital
  • print and sales support materials
  • promotional/education video

To support our client’s storytelling, we coordinate our content with their vendors, or if need be, we can supply graphic and web design, video production and other services.

Let us tell your story.

                        Peter Ancone

                        CopyWerks Creative Director