Making the Most of Social Media

making the most of social media

With the increasing change of algorithms and AI-based social media platforms, it’s getting harder to “game” the systems by writing keyword-centric copy that is — to be honest— often not very engaging.

Here are some of the things we do at CopyWerks to make our social media as engaging as possible:

We Do Our Homework

Relevant content is the best way to connect and engage with a target audience. The more you understand the audience, it’s demographics and needs, the more success you will have.

Develop A Unique Voice

Your brand voice is the personality and style we create for our clients that gives them a recognizable presence online. It’s an essential ingredient in the storytelling process. conveyed in the language used by your ideal customers.

Craft Content That Reflects Your World

Content that is based around news or current affairs and can be tied into our client’s message is foremost. Topics of interest will draw readers in and make your message more memorable.