Sales Support Materials

Sales Support Materials

Sales Support materials are an essential tool for effective direct selling–– whether that be in-person or via remote electronics. At CopyWerks, we carefully curate key sales points, market research and craft this information into informative, high-impact sales aids.


Creating dynamic, attention-holding presentations is an artful enterprise at CopyWerks. We provide a comprehensive range of services to develop these, including:

  • research and investigate our client’s prospect base
  • selection of images to accompany the copy
  • organizing the order of the key presentation points
  • curating or creating audio/video to embed in the presentation

Marketing Decks

CopyWerks’ creative team blends words, pictures and recorded content into dramatic and impactful to PERSUADE prospects that a client’s product or service will make a difference. Media applications include:

  • PowerPoint or similar platforms
  • Printed Marketing/Presentation Decks
  • Digital Decks that contain embedded video/audio content and are viewed online as “flipbooks”