How To Write High-Impact, Web & Marketing Copy

Part 1 of 3

In today’s information-driven world, high-impact content is more important than ever. As a result, timely and well-executed content is the difference between acceptable marketing tools and exceptional ones.

The first step to be taken is to plan or outline what you want to write. As a result, this makes a big difference in the outcome of your efforts and will reduce frustration. How to make a plan? In most instances, the easiest way to handle this task is to outline what you want to say.

Establish objectives

• What is the primary aim of your content? 

• To inform and/or educate in the hope of attracting leads?

• Trying to directly sell or persuade a prospective buyer?

• Explaining a complex product or service or solve a problem?

Know your readers

However, unless you have a completely new and unique product or service, you most likely have competitors, especially in a mature market. This means several things for you and your content:

• Are you going to offer similar content and try to do it better?

• Are you going to try something different or take a totally new approach?

You can’t make this decision without becoming very familiar with your competitors’ content, whether it’s on the web or in their sales support materials. You’ll want to know the following:

• Does their product/service offering differ from yours?

• Do they use persuasive copy, an informational/educational approach, hard sell, or success stories?

• What do they offer that you don’t?

 Putting together persuasive, informative content that draws prospect inquiries and converts copy to leads is more than wordsmithing. It takes research planning and creative thinking.

A Summary For You

  • Use the words your users use. …
  • Organize your content into nuggets of information …
  • Put the important information upfront when possible. …
  • Use pronouns. …
  • Use active voice and simple declarative sentences. …
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs. …
  • Use bullets and numbered lists. …
  • Use headlines and subheads.

To check the readability of your copy refer to the Flesch Reading Ease test. Learn more.

This 0-100 score will help you measure the content. If you’re aiming content at the general public, including a teen population, aim for 8o or better. If your content is aimed at business or professionals, the longer, more complex words needed to address these subjects will lower your score, but a 70 or over is good.

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