Is An Identity Deadlock Holding Your Enterprise Back?

Over my 30+ years as a marketing/communications advisor to businesses of all sizes, I have encountered one very common problem–– identity deadlock. I’m referring to the inability of an enterprise to roll forward to its full potential. I really don’t have a better, snappier word to describe it. Nevertheless, this syndrome seems to affect enterprises of all sizes, industries, and constructs.

What is identity deadlock? It can best be described as a state of operation in which a business has a strong product/service but cannot seem to really get going. Forward motion is measured in small steps rather than leaps and bounds.

What causes identity deadlock? It can be caused by any number of factors, including mixed or inconsistent messaging, poor customer performance, and frequent changes of product/service lines, to name a few. In this blog, I would like to address the issue of mixed or inconsistent messaging. Here are a few examples:

• A solo entrepreneur or larger business which is unsure about its message and its markets.

• The inability of management to effectively describe what a business/service is, what it does, and how to persuade customers to buy.

• Difficulty in maintaining momentum because of leadership indecision in developing and sticking to a marketing plan.

• Having poor or inadequate brand building, which often boils down to telling a diluted or mixed story.

So, how do you get out of identity deadlock?

Like so many things in business, the story you tell makes the difference between a strong market presence, or identity, and a weak one. Here are some suggestions to get your sales in the fast lane.

• Be comfortable in your business’ skin. Determine exactly what your enterprise is, what it sells, and who wants to buy it.

•  Craft your company narrative into a unique and authentic story that persuades and excites both customers and employees.

• In the Information Age, with countless distractions to what we “should” be doing, businesses will have to do a better job of making their in-person and online interactions with customers both informative and entertaining in order to persuade.

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Peter Ancone

For definitions of the various kinds of identity, here is a good article from The Houston Chronicle’s business site:

If you’re in need of help in defining or packaging your enterprise and what it does, email me at, or by phone at (904)428 -0680.

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