Are You A Business Visionary or Dreamer?

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Starting or building a new business? Learn how to convert your vision into a successful enterprise. Every great ambition begins with a vision of what can be. The difference between those who attain those dreams and those who don’t is how well they shape that dream. This is what separates the visionary from the dreamer. A visionary will take the raw dream, and mold and shape a clear picture of the end result: constructing a blueprint that will guide the … Continue reading “Are You A Business Visionary or Dreamer?”

Is An Identity Deadlock Holding Your Enterprise Back?

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Over my 30+ years as a marketing/communications advisor to businesses of all sizes, I have encountered one very common problem–– identity deadlock. I’m referring to the inability of an enterprise to roll forward to its full potential. I really don’t have a better, snappier word to describe it. Nevertheless, this syndrome seems to affect enterprises of all sizes, industries, and constructs. What is identity deadlock? It can best be described as a state of operation in which a business has … Continue reading “Is An Identity Deadlock Holding Your Enterprise Back?”

How To Write High-Impact, Web & Marketing Copy

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Part 1 of 3 In today’s information-driven world, high-impact content is more important than ever. As a result, timely and well-executed content is the difference between acceptable marketing tools and exceptional ones. The first step to be taken is to plan or outline what you want to write. As a result, this makes a big difference in the outcome of your efforts and will reduce frustration. How to make a plan? In most instances, the easiest way to handle this … Continue reading “How To Write High-Impact, Web & Marketing Copy”

Everyone Has A Story

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Let us tell yours. We begin with a conversation. We want to know you and your goals. We work with what you have and help you get what you need. Introducing CopyWerks: Restoring The Importance of Storytelling Famous communicators from Walt Disney to John Lasseter of Pixar have said that the story is paramount in any media effort. Story is at the heart of advertising, marketing, media production, sales materials and even instructional materials. Somewhere along the way, I think … Continue reading “Everyone Has A Story”

Supporting Various Media Platforms

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GRAPHIC DESIGN print materials digital advertising online materials outdoor/billboard design indoor/mobile display design DIGITAL DESIGN websites social media BROADCAST content and copy for TV/radio advertising PRINT ADVERTISING newspapers magazines sponsor program ads EXHIBITS AND DISPLAYS trade/conference display content historical/anniversary content medical/technical/military displays OUTDOOR/INDOOR ADVERTISING billboard copy and concept indoor and mall display content mobile billboard display content

Print Still Matters

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If you think print materials are dead–– think again. Printed marketing materials have made a resurgence in recent years fueled, surprisingly, by the younger generations Most businesses or organizations are investing in digital and forgetting about print. If marketers want to be unique in this competitive environment for consumers’ attention, they can think outside the box and develop print publications. Going “old school” can give them an edge. Materials That Matter CopyWerks provides a comprehensive platform of print material formats. … Continue reading “Print Still Matters”

Sales Support Materials

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Sales Support materials are an essential tool for effective direct selling–– whether that be in-person or via remote electronics. At CopyWerks, we carefully curate key sales points, market research and craft this information into informative, high-impact sales aids. Presentations Creating dynamic, attention-holding presentations is an artful enterprise at CopyWerks. We provide a comprehensive range of services to develop these, including: research and investigate our client’s prospect base selection of images to accompany the copy organizing the order of the key … Continue reading “Sales Support Materials”

Making the Most of Social Media

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With the increasing change of algorithms and AI-based social media platforms, it’s getting harder to “game” the systems by writing keyword-centric copy that is — to be honest— often not very engaging. Here are some of the things we do at CopyWerks to make our social media as engaging as possible: We Do Our Homework Relevant content is the best way to connect and engage with a target audience. The more you understand the audience, it’s demographics and needs, the … Continue reading “Making the Most of Social Media”

More Than Mere Words

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CopyWerks offers an array of content-based services, that help you to better define your organization, business, or professional practice, as well as crafting stronger, clearer and more persuasive messages for your products or services. Business/Organization Descriptions Explaining who you are and what you do can be one of the most challenging of all communicating tasks. CopyWerks brings years of marketing communications experience to this task, creating a message that is clear, concise and intriguing. Mission/Vision Statements Sometimes it takes an … Continue reading “More Than Mere Words”