Content Comes First

Posted on November 3, 2020December 1, 2020Categories Home Page

In today’s information-driven world, quality content is more important than ever. The ability to create and deploy interesting, timely and well-executed content is the difference between acceptable marketing tools and exceptional ones. Creating high-impact content for business entails an array of elements. First there is INFORMATION VALUE. This means giving the reader information that is either new, interesting, educational or unique. The second most important element is ENGAGED READING. This marries good writing skills with formatting and easy reading. Breaking … Continue reading “Content Comes First”

Web-Optimized Content

Posted on November 2, 2020December 1, 2020Categories Home Page

Keyword-centric writing is, many experts say, on the way out. Google has shifted to a discovery engine which focuses not just on keywords but on well-written and information content that people will want to read. As the search engines get smarter, they are looking for stronger content, not just keywords. This means that copy that is WELL WRITTEN AND INTERESTING will most likely makes it big in the rankings, but they are crawling sources such as social media. We help … Continue reading “Web-Optimized Content”