Content Creation

In today’s information-driven world, quality content is more important than ever. The ability to create and deploy interesting, timely and well-executed content is the difference between an acceptable marketing tool and an exceptional one.

Crafting A Customized Message

Creating high-impact content for business entails an array of elements. First there is INFORMATION VALUE. This means giving the reader information that is either new, interesting, educational or unique. For those products or services that are more common and established, interesting content provides new insights into an established product or service.

The second most important element is ENGAGED READING. This marries good writing skills with formatting and easy reading. Breaking large content down into nuggets of information helps to engage the reader and leave a more lasting impact.

AUDIENCE RELEVANCE is another component that we strive to achieve with each piece of content, whether it’s website copy or content for a digital marketing deck. Adding audience relevant phrases, images or information resonates with readers.

If we’re are preparing any content that will be viewed online, we work to make sure each headline, sub-head, or decking content is KEYWORD RICH. This brings the search engines to our clients’ websites, blogs, or other online marketing tools.

At PT Ancone + Associates, we have been developing robust, high impact copy for more than 35 years for a wide range of media, including:

• websites

• print media – brochures and literature, print ads, booklets

• blogs and social media posts

• marketing decks and sales support materials

• media releases