Is It Time To Consider Marketing Management?

Are you ready to abandon REACTIVE marketing practices and move forward faster with a PROACTIVE Marketing Plan?

In today’s world, entrepreneurs and business owners try to save money by doing as much of their own marketing as possible. Inevitably, there comes a time when both the marketing effectiveness declines as the manager’s attention is drawn away from other aspects of the business.

Balancing effective, regular marketing with filling orders, managing employees, coordinating with vendors, tracking sales and the many other duties of a business owner or manger is a difficult act to maintain.

If yours is like most enterprises today, you are engaged in some form  of marketing.

You may have a full blown advertising campaign going or just promoting your business through social media, a website and listings in directories.

No matter the size of your marketing efforts, all have two elements in common, including:

• An investment of time, money and knowledge to recognize a return; and

• The loss of valuable sales/management/operations time if you’re  actually running your marketing program.

  What if you could have an experienced marketing professional to create, manage and coordinate your advertising, marketing, web and social media?

The Role of Marketing Management

The purpose of marketing management is to develop, establish and maintain marketing  strategies to meet your practice development objectives. This also includes the effective on-going management and analysis of all marketing, advertising and promotional activities.

For a medium-sized enterprise already engaged in active promoting, a good marketing management program should include the following:


​- setting and meeting growth goals 

​- establishing a marketing budget 

​- optimizing marketing expenditures  


​- coordinating marketing with sales persons and vendors 

​- provide liaison services with web hosting firms ​

​- identifying, negotiating and placing 

​ paid advertising in publications, TV, 

​  radio and billboards 

​- coordinating digital marketing  

​  programs such Pay-Per-Click and 

​  social media advertising 


​- logos and branding 

​- copywriting, slogans, press releases 

​- graphic design, graphic themes  

​- creative services to develop radio and  

​  TV ads 

​- content development that is informative, 

​  persuasive and consistent across a ​ 

​  range of media 


​- website creation and management (for those with ​​   their own sites) 

​- creation of custom pages for Facebook, Twitter and other ​​  social media 

​- creating and posting of relevant social media posts 

Increasing Cost Efficiency

Most important of all, a solid marketing management plan will reduce waste from impulse spending and create a cost-efficient, cohesive program that builds you brand and increases opportunities.