“A wide scope of marketing abilities…”

Edward M. Nass, Esquire
Managing Partner
Nass Cancelliere

Peter has been acting as our law firm’s sole outside marketing  consultant for more than ten years.  The strengths that Peter brings to the table include a wide scope of marketing abilities, truly listening to us as his client, bringing new ideas to the table, and readily   acknowledging when something does not seem to be working and is available on an   almost 24/7 basis to address any needs or concerns

“An Invaluable Resource…”

E. Michael Golda, Ph.D. ,
Chief Technologist
Naval Surface Warfare Center,
Philadelphia, PA

Peter Ancone is an invaluable resource in creating media in any desired format that effectively communicates a desired message for an organization. For over a decade, he supported the Naval Warfare Center Philadelphia Division, the center of excellence for Navy shipboard machinery. Peter was always available to assist an in-house team at any stage of the process (concept development, design, production, display/installation) improving an existing design or offering an even more effective alternate approach. He also acted independently, when needed, to provide an entire service. While supporting the Philadelphia Division, Peter produced a range of products from individual information brochures and technology displays to all of the media for the organization’s 100th Anniversary observance – including film (script and production), brochures, visual displays (posters, banners, and pillar wraps), and the galley of a book. Peter has extensive experience in preserving and presenting the history of an organization. His experience and creativity makes Peter Ancone a media consultant who not only gets a message across, he gets the message across on time and on cost.   

Helped elevate the profile and exposure of Shift Up Now…”

Lynn Schultz Kehoe
Motorsports Racer, Founder and CEO
Shift Up Now

Peter Ancone has helped elevate the profile and exposure of Shift Up Now by giving us professional branding and collateral materials.  Peter also has been instrumental in getting us featured on air and   in print.  The quality, timeliness and  ease of working with Peter has been outstanding and we are grateful for his help and support of our organization.

“A Game Changer…”

Karen Salvaggio, Ed.D.
Motorsports Racer and President
Shift Up Now

Peter Ancone has been a true game changer for our organization. The marketing materials he developed has allowed us to attract an entirely new level of clientele, and he is simply a master in the art of public relations. Always ahead of the curve, Peter’s market perceptions and lightning quick actions have consistently kept us moving forward, and we are continually reaping the benefits of his efforts.

“…developed and implemented a brand strategy.”

Stephen J. Labroli, Esquire
Leonard Sciolla Leonard & Tinari
Philadelphia, PA

We are a small law firm with a 35 year history and little appreciation for advertising in the 21st century. We hired Pete as  our marketing consultant nearly seven(7) years ago. In that time, he helped develop and implement a branding and marketing strategy that includes use of popular social media platforms. Marketing today is so much different than just ten (10) years ago and Pete has been essential in coordinating with vendors to target clients inexpensively and effectively. I highly recommend Pete and his team without qualification.

“…Range of capability is extensive…”

John M. Berenato, CCIM
Founder and President
       Healthcare Realty Solution

I have worked with Pete for almost 20 years on a variety of marketing projects and his scope and range of capability is extensive. He has helped me with my start up companies, creating top shelf marketing materials, as well as brand and identity building services.            

“…helped me to rebrand and begin digital marketing.”

Gerry Bussell,
Gerald Bussell, REALTOR

Pete helped me to rebrand after the loss my business partner and, more importantly, educate me on the advantages of digital marketing. He educated me, coached me and created the social media business pages that my business needed. He also created and produced collateral materials to further support my marketing efforts and the results have been outstanding.